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PCI Geomatica 2018 SP1 Build 2019.02.01 (x64) - [FileCR].zip HelelTorrents.com Torrent detail
PCI Geomatica 2018 SP1 Build 2019.02.01 (x64) - [FileCR].zip

PCI Geomatica 2018 SP1 Build 2019.02.01 (x64) - [FileCR].zip HelelTorrents.com

HelelTorrents.com Developer by PCI Geomatics, Geomatica is an analysis application dedicated to earth observation data. It enables professionals and enthusiasts alike to open satellite and aerial images, in order to investigate details using advanced techniques. Analysis Ready Data Tools for Rigorous Scientific Analysis Rapidly and easily preprocess large volumes of satellite imagery to perform meaningful multi-temporal analysis. Spend less time normalizing and correcting satellite imagery, and more time analyzing time series to derive actionable information. The Analysis Ready Data Tools add-on works with all supported sensors to create time-series stacks that can populate a Data Cube. DSM True Ortho Generation Overcome many of the limitations of Digital Terrain Model (DTM) ortho products by automatically generating true-ortho products through automatically extracted, highly accurate Digital Surface Models (DSMs). The automatic DSM true-ortho add-on allows can save hours of manual labour extracting 3D models or performing expensive ground surveys. Generating high quality DSM true-ortho products has never been easier. High Resolution DSM Extraction Extracting high quality, high resolution Digital Surface Models from the latest sensors is easier and faster than ever. Work with 100’s or 1,000s of stereo pairs using advanced technology. Intelligently combine multiple viewing points to produce Multi-View Digital Surface Models, giving you higher detailed and more accurate results. Optical and SAR Segmentation, Classification and Feature Extraction Easy-to-learn and easy-to-use, the Object Analyst add-on guides you through image segmentation, training site creation, classification (including creating custom rules) and feature extraction. By segmenting optical or SAR images into discrete shapes, boundaries and relationships can be more easily seen and analyzed, providing efficient means to extract features from imagery. Improving the final quality of analysis can be accomplished through the use of intuitive reshaping tools.

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